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Frequently Asked Questions

New Online & Mobile questions that may be helpful.


Why is Online and Mobile banking being upgraded?

We upgraded our system to provide our members an even better banking experience, the new online system offers more advanced features and is more intuitive and user-friendly. 

Will I use the same login credentials?

If you have NOT used Bill Pay since January 1, 2017, you are required to register for the new system as your current login will no longer work. If you have used Bill Pay since January1, 2017, click here for instructions on your first-time login.

Can I keep my current login credentials?

Yes, you can choose to use the same username if it's available, and the same password if it meets the criteria.

Will I be able to see my transaction history?

Yes, account information, joint account information, and transaction history will be available in the new system.

What will happen to schedule and recurring transfers?

You will have to set up or reschedule transfers, within USACU accounts or external accounts.

Will my direct deposits and electronic transfers from outside accounts still go through?

Yes, they will be processed as usual.

I have linked accounts from other financial institutions, what will happen?

You will have to re-link these accounts and set up the transfers in the new system.

I enrolled in PopMoney, what will happen?

You will have to set up your contacts in the new system.

Will my account nicknames convert to the new Online Banking?

No, account nicknames will not be converted, however you will be able to set up and manage account nicknames in the new Online Banking.

Will I have to set up alerts?

Yes, alerts will have to be set up again in the new Online Banking system.

What happened to MoneyMark?

MoneyMark had discontinued as of 8/21. We’re introducing Money Management – a new tool in online banking that lets you view and track all transactions from USACU and externa accounts – for FREE.

Questions? Don't hestitate to contact us today.