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Branches & ATMs

Our cooperative nature in action.

Credit unions band together to bring all members greater connection to their accounts. Via the CO-OP Network, you're connected to thousands of credit union ATMs and Shared Branches, all across the world, for free!

Shared Branches:

USAgencies Credit Union has joined with other credit unions as part of a cooperative effort to bring you access to your accounts at thousands of service locations worldwide. Access teller services for your accounts at any of our CO-OP Shared branch locations!*

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Our members have surcharge-free access to the largest ATM network in the country - the CO-OP Network. With nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide, plus over 9,000 that are deposit taking, you'll be sure to find one near you.

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Look for the shared branching logos for network branches and ATMs:

Co-op Shared Branch Icon Co-op ATM Icon

USACU Branch & ATMs:

USACU Branch/ATM (Currently unavailable)
95 SW Taylor St.
Portland, OR 97204
ATM is accessible 24/7, deposit taking.

First & Main Building ATM
100 SW Main Street, Portland, OR 97204
Accessible 6am – 5:30pm Monday - Friday, located in ground floor mail room near elevators.

Block 300 Building ATM
308 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
Secure building with employee-only access, 7am – 5:30pm Monday - Friday, located on 3rd floor.

Edith Green Wendall Wyatt Federal Building ATM
1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204
Accessible 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday, located on ground floor near vending machines

*Enjoy your first five withdrawals per month at participating Shared Branches free; a $1.00 fee per withdrawal will apply thereafter. Most credit union Shared Branching services are free. Fees do apply for certain transactions; call (503) 275-0300 for details. View the Fee Schedule.