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Bill Pay FAQ

Commonly asked Bill Pay questions that may be helpful.

Browse here and connect with us with any additional questions or if you need clarification on anything - we're happy to help.

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a service of USAgencies Credit Union that allows you to pay your bills online. You can pay virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States. Making payments online is one of the most efficient and economical features of Online Banking. It saves you the time of writing checks, trips to the mailbox, and time at the post office. It even saves you the cost of stamps. In addition, you can elect to receive e-Bills from a large number of companies such as major credit cards and wireless phone providers.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay any business or individual that you currently pay by check, your phone bill, loan payments, insurance, and credit cards, even your dentist or daycare center. Please note you cannot pay court-ordered payments or state and federal taxes online at this time.

How do I enroll for Bill Pay?

To access USACU's Bill Payment System, you must have a checking account in order to access Bill Pay. Log on to online banking using your username and password. Then select the "Bill Pay" in the menu at the top. You will then see a "Welcome to Online Bill Pay" screen, read through the Features and Getting Started bullet points, then click "Get Started". Verify your information and read the Terms and Conditions. If you agree, click "Enroll".

Is there a monthly fee to use Bill Pay?

No, it's FREE!

How are payments delivered to billers (payees)?

The three payment methods are:

  • On the payment date you specify, an electronic credit is sent to your biller and an electronic debit is sent to your account. Your account will be electronically debited on your scheduled payment date. This method is used when the company or biller you are paying has an electronic agreement set up with our Bill Pay partner.
  • Electronic-to-check payment - A check is drawn on our Bill Pay partner's account and mailed to your biller several days prior to the payment date you specify. Your account will be electronically debited on your scheduled payment date.
  • Laser-printed check - A check, drawn on your account with your account encoding printed on the bottom, is mailed to the biller. Billers receiving laser checks deposit them just like ordinary checks. Your account will be debited as if you had written a personal check, when the biller cashes the check and it is presented for payment.


NOTE: If you are not sure how your biller is going to be paid, plan on the money coming out of your account right away by deducting it from your check register. If your biller received a laser check, the money will not come out of your account until they cash it, however; it would be wise to deduct this amount from your check register right away, similarly to when you write a personal check.

Where can I view my Bill History?

The "View Bill History" feature is located in the Payment Center under the "Recent Payments Module" near the bottom of the page. Once in the "View Bill History" section, the columns can be sorted simply by clicking the column headers. For example, you can click on the heading 'Amount' and the data will be sorted by the dollar amount.

Can I view my bill history for a specific biller?

Yes. On the "View Bill History" screen you can click on the "Biller Name" column header to sort the billers alphabetically and group all payments made to that biller for the selected time frame.

What is an e-Bill?

An e-Bill is an electronic version of your payee's monthly statement. You can request an e-Bill from hundreds of merchants to be posted monthly to your Bill Pay account.

Can Bill Pay pay your e-bills automatically?

Yes. The full amount due can be set-up to be paid automatically, unless you set a maximum amount. Amount due is either the amount of the bill, such as a telephone bill, or the minimum payment on a credit card.

How will I know that a biller can send e-Bills?

If a biller is able to send e-Bills, then you will see "Add an electronic version of my bill" as an option when setting up the biller. If you do not choose to add an e-bill at that time you can do so at a later date in the "Manage My Bills" section. If you have signed up to receive e-Bills from a biller, you will see the e-Bill icon next to the biller's name in the Payment Center.

How can I view an online bill that has already been paid?

Click on the "View Bill History" link in the Recent Payments module of the Payment Center. Here you can search for the payment.

How can I identify an automatic payment? Can changes be made to an automatic payment?

If automatic payments have been established for a biller, the icon will appear next to the biller’s name. By clicking on the icon or accessing the biller through the "Manage My Bills" page, you can make changes to the automatic payment. Any changes made affect all current and future payments that are scheduled as automatic payments.

How can I edit a "pending payment"?

To edit a pending payment, click on 'Edit'. Changes allowed include payment date, payment amount, and payment account.

Will I have a separate password for Bill Pay?

No. Once you have logged into Online Banking you will be able to access your Bill Pay account.

Do I need to contact each of my billers and let them know that I am going to be using Bill Pay to pay them?

No. This will not be necessary.

How many days does it take for my payment to reach the Biller (Payee)?

Most transactions will be processed within four business days. When scheduling a payment, the calendar located on the right side of the screen will give you the earliest pay date possible. Some bills may be paid on the same day, but we recommend that you schedule your payments at least four (4) business days prior to the due date. Your account will not be debited until the payment has been made.

When do I need to have the funds in my account to cover my bill payment request, and what happens if there are not available funds in my account to cover the bill payment?

You need to have available funds in your account prior to the payment date. If the funds are not available on the first day, we will attempt to process the payment again the next day. Please note, with each failed attempt, an NSF fee will be debited from your account. Please note that until the funds have been received, your access to Bill Pay will be suspended.

What if I do not have an account number for one of my Billers (Payees)?

To ensure accuracy and safety of your payments, an account number is required for all billers, except for Payments to Individuals. If you are unsure of your account number, please contact your biller (payee) to obtain or confirm this information. You can insert a memo that will be displayed to your biller or a note to yourself that will not be seen by your biller.

Can I schedule a payment in advance? How far in advance?

Yes. You can schedule a payment up to one year in advance of the payment due date. Remember to allow four (4) business days between the scheduled payment date and the due date. A good example of when you might schedule a payment that far in advance could be to pay annual dues to an organization or association.

Can I make a payment from any of my accounts?

You can make payments from any of your checking accounts.

What about payments I make every month for the same amount? How can I do this easily without repeating the payment request every month?

You can establish a recurring payment. A recurring payment must be made on the same day(s) each month and for the same amount.

Can I place a stop payment on a Bill Payment?

Yes, you can alter any payment at no charge until the payment is processed. If a check was sent to the merchant and not credited to your account, you may place a stop payment. There is a fee associated with this service. If the funds were sent electronically, the payment cannot be stopped.

How do I terminate or discontinue Bill Pay?

You may cancel your use of Bill Pay anytime by selecting "My Profile" and then selecting "Cancel service."

I stopped my Bill Pay Service a while ago and have since restarted it. Why are all of my billers (payees) gone?

Once you stop the Bill Pay service, all of your biller (payee) and history information will be deleted, and you will need to add your billers (payees) again after restarting the service.