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eStatement FAQ

Common questions that may be helpful.

Browse here and connect with us with any additional questions or if you need clarification on anything - we're happy to help.

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic delivery of your monthly or quarterly statement, which will take the place of your mailed paper statement.

How much does eStatement service cost?

There is no charge for USAgencies Credit Union's eStatement service.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

To sign up for eStatements, logon to Online Banking and click "Account Information" in the menu at the top, then select "Online Statements" You will need to complete the registration process by providing your name and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Your eStatement will not be available until after the first statement processing date following your enrollment. You will be notified by email when your eStatement is available for viewing. Members are responsible for providing current and valid email address information. The email address you provide must be kept current in order to receive your eStatement notification. To ensure proper email delivery, please ensure that we have your correct email address and contact information by clicking on "My Settings" followed by "Edit" next to "Primary Email".

Why do I have to give my email address to sign up for eStatement?

Each time a new eStatement is available an email notification is sent to the email address you provide.

How do I change/update the email address used to send my eStatement notification?

To update your email address, click on "My Settings" followed by "Edit" next to "Primary Email". Type your current email address in the box marked "Primary Email" , followed by typing your online banking password in the box marked "Current Password" and click on "Save”.

How do I access my eStatement?

Click the link provided in your email notification, log in to online banking and click on "Account Information" in the menu at the top, then select "Online Statements".

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

You can change your login credentials via Online Banking. Simply log in to Online Banking and click "My Settings" on the top of the page, then edit your username and password.

Will my eStatement be available if for some reason I don't receive my email notification?

Yes. Your actual eStatement is independent of your email notification. If you do not receive your email notification, please login to online banking and make sure we have your current email address on file.

What do I need to view my eStatement online?

You need to have a web browser, an internet connection and be registered to use online banking. eStatements are best viewed with Internet Explorer but will work with other browsers. You will also need Adobe Acrobat.

How do I print my eStatement?

While viewing your eStatement, click on the link which reads "Print."

Can I receive a paper statement as well as an electronic statement?

No, you can either receive a paper statement or an electronic statement. You cannot receive both. Once you register for eStatement, you will no longer receive paper statements.

Why can't I receive the statement(s) of my joint account?

According to the law, we must deliver the statement to the primary account holder. Each primary account holder must sign up for eStatements individually.

Is my eStatement secure and safe?

Yes, your statement is stored behind firewalls and is transmitted to your Internet browser using 256-bit encryption.

When will my next eStatement be available?

If you receive a monthly statement, your eStatement will be available the first week of each month. If you receive Quarterly Statements, your Quarterly eStatement will be available the first week of each quarter (January, April, July and October).

Can I get my eStatement emailed to me instead?

No, your eStatement cannot be emailed to you. Email is not secure.

How long will each eStatement be available?

After you sign up, each eStatement will be available for up to twelve months, depending on if you receive monthly or quarterly statements, until the next eStatement is generated.

What if I want to cancel the eStatement service?

You can switch back to the paper version of your statement at any time. To cancel eStatements, logon to online banking and visit the Online Statement screen. Then click on "Settings” and locate the box under “Discontinue”, and then click on the button marked "Submit".

What information is included on my eStatement?

Your eStatement will contain the same information as found on your current paper statement.

I just registered and when I try to access my eStatement I am told my account is unavailable. Why?

eStatements become available after the credit union has completed monthly processing on the last business day of the month. No eStatements are available until after we have completed monthly processing which is why you are told that your account is unavailable.